The use of traditional scaffold, which consists of galvanised tubes, scaffold boards and pressed steel fittings, allows us to utilise a flexible system that allows us to build almost any structure. This ensures we can provide an access solution for complex buildings with restricted access areas to enable work to be carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Traditional scaffolding is exceptionally adaptable, allowing us to use it for many different jobs, as there are a range of light and heavy duty requirements and accessories available. Also, all of our scaffolding meets the official British Safety Standards, and is fully compliant with all Safety Specifications.

But the main advantage of using traditional scaffolding is the structural strength of the scaffold formed by it. If a structure appears or feels unstable, we can attach additional poles called braces along the structure. This will guarantee a safe working environment, but can sometimes take time to assemble, so is not as widely used as other types of scaffolding.