Suspended Platforms

Proprietary System Staircase for site personnel

In locations such as bridges which span rivers, but require vital structural work, construction teams have severe problems as there are no platforms from which to work on. Thankfully, there is a simple, yet effective solution to this; namely using a suspended access platform.

Generally a suspended platform consists of a platform raised and lowered by a hoist, which will be protected heavily by safety devices, particularly if the hoist is mechanically powered. The hoist will normally use steel wire ropes to lift the platform, workers and any specialist tools required at the working location.

This can prove incredibly useful in some situations, as the suspended access is also very adaptable, with special Rope Access Kits designed to allow access to difficult to reach areas. Another adaptable feature with this method is the platform itself, being interchangable to suit the task at hand. For example a three dimensional platform can be suspended to allow heavy duty operations to be performed, commonly seen on bridges and football stadium repairs.